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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Welcome Spring

Here are five things you may do to welcome Spring (in addition to or instead of Spring Cleaning:))

1.Plant Happiness and Health

Some researches show, that people who plant something in spring and then follow it grow, have better picture of themselves, more optimism and confidence then people who do not engage in this nice hobby.

2. Get in tune with a change of time

Naturally we all feel more tired in spring. Reasons are many, but one of them can be additional day light that can affect a daily cycle of sleeping and waking. If your inside clock is not telling you when you should sleep and when to wake up, some suggest to take 3 mg of melatonin right after lunch. Small dosages of melatonin is said to successfully restore a biorhythm so you will be active during the day and sleepy when it is time to sleep.

              3. Get an energy levels up with the greens.

Market calling! Fresh varieties of spring vegetables make a welcome appearance after the winter. Not only for their vitamins, spring  vegetables have concentrated doses of chlorophyll, pigment that cleans our system and gives us energy.

                               4. Open windows wide

Every home looks nicer with the windows open! And there are more then esthetic reasons to open your windows. Did you know that air inside our homes can be 100% more harmful then outside? Reasons for this are chemicals we use in our homes for cleaning, as their smell can be dangerous for our health.

                                5. Get rid of old stuff

It is believed that trowing away old and unnecessary stuff will relive you from stress too. Clutter and untidy spice make you feel not so well, much slower and without enthusiasm. On contrary, view on emptied space inspires you on new ideas and possibilities. 


  1. i love spring cleaning :) nothing quite like it.

  2. I love it too, but I am done with it, so what to do now?:)