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Friday, 18 March 2011

Be Here and Now II

We live in a time of technological and informative development, and 21. century  has gave birth to the new value - speed. Everything is available for us with much less of an effort but on the other hand it takes from us ability to enjoy it in the present. The information of need for something travels from our brain to our hands with such a speed, that the time of anticipation for something to happen its close to zero. Everything is available here and now.  We have solutions for everything, answers for all questions, spontaneity is gone from our life.  The more we hurry, the more we are late and meanwhile we miss so many things on the way. We run after dreams, and even if we reach them, we are so manipulated by the speed that prevent us from enjoying the little steps we make on our way to fulfill them. Or are there any little steps? Do we think, why to make five little steps when one big can take me there? I am not saying that we all should plant a garden and watch the whole process, food from the seed until it ends up on our tables. I am not saying lets forget about e-mails and go back to writing letters with pen and paper. I am saying, lets just slow down a bit and try to stay still,  instead of always racing with time. Do you remember time when you were child? One year was a long time. We were present in whatever we did. We had a memory of things that happened and we could recall it long after. We were making and filling our time with actions that came out of us. We were creating "time".  For an adult "time flies" not because  we are so busy but because we are not present. We have no feeling for time as we are not giving it a meaning. I will give you an example, imagine yourself walking from point A to B. You can feel the time passing differently depending on your presence in the time during the walk. You can be not present simply by only being preoccupied with whatever is on your mind at the moment and not letting any other information reach you. You reach your destination, you look back and you hardly have a memory of walk or time. Or, you can look around you, you can follow your steps, you can enjoy the air, smells and voices. You can let surroundings or feelings shape your thoughts and that all will give a quality to the time that passed, and with it, you will have real feeling of time. Imagine now your whole adult  life...Do you want to live it and see it as one long day only? Time doesn't fly. We only have that feeling when we are not giving a meaning to the time with our presence in it...To be continued...:)

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