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Saturday, 19 March 2011

Be Here and Now III

Everybody knows saying that time is money. But time is much more then that. Money can be always earned, lost time we can't have. We need to stop, or at least pause and take time for ourselves to see where we are and where we are going. We need to try to escape routine and open ourselves to the life's little pleasures. Be a master of your time. That means, no every moment in the day needs to be planed and also that time should be used wisely. Keep time for enjoyment, leave always free space for anything that can surprisingly and spontaneously come your way. How many times we say no to meeting friends, even to playing with our children, and as a reason we state luck of time. There is no luck of time, there is only too many things that control our time and life. Be present in every moment and switch all your senses on. Think that you want to live and feel it all.  It sounds like natural thing to do. Why does it feel then like we are never really here and hardly ever see it and feel it all? Every day problems have a power to block our ability to feel in the present. Everyday problems are controlling our lives. If we can take back control of our lives that will ultimately mean that we can control our time too.
This is the only way to live and act in the present. We have to live fully, we have to live in every moment and not let the time pass us. Living now is the only time we have. This moment will pass and won't come back. 
If you walk, eat, work, love, even if you drive, do only that, and give yourself to only that activity. If you watch movie, meet friends, play with children, be hundred percent present and let the pleasure be seen on you. Think that this is the only thing you want to do in this moment. Focus on one thing at the time and when you do that one thing, make it the most important. In that way you will be present, you will have real pleasure from it and you will never do it just halfway. And do not hurry. Getting stressed and hurrying won't get things done faster or better. Forget about time and do things in your own speed and rhythm. Everybody has worries but they don't need to follow us everywhere. It is important to leave worries on the side sometimes and have different thoughts. Enjoy the daily rituals that makes you happy. In learning to live in present start with the small things. Many things we do, take too much energy from us unnecessary. Learn to recognize them and once you do, you may be able to replace them with the ones of your choice and naturally give you a pleasure...To be continued...:)

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