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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Be Here and Now

By being one with yourself and truly feel the moment is bringing us in touch with our repressed feelings. Always in hurry, running after better or whatever kind of life, we stop being aware of present moment, as if we dread to stop and face ourselves. Day after day, we live an absurd life settled in our routines. We repeat same actions, rituals and our habits are same every day. Do you feel that you are always in hurry but you never get anywhere? Working more, enjoying less and responsibilities are pulling you in all directions? Do you feel that you are bit too often checking e-mails and phones? Even when we rest or on the holidays we need to be part of the express living, not missing a thing, as we are part of consumers society and we have to follow rules of the group we belong to. But not aware that an instant culture is only offering the short lasting pleasures that fulfill our false needs. We never or almost never live in the present moment. Most of the day we deal with our obligations, we talk to others and we talk to ourselves. We talk about what is going to happen and we talk and about past but somehow we always miss the present moment, as the present is always somehow ahead of us. Long ago people lived much worse life, but they were easier satisfied with much less than what we have now. Why can't we be? Why do we value material stuff above anything else?  What is it that has changed in our thinking and attitude?...To be continued...:)

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