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Saturday, 5 March 2011

Tantra III

A strong sense of something missing is often what drives both women and men to explore other approaches to sexuality. The awareness of all the possibilities, all the different levels of experience we could have in love-making, and the knowledge that exquisite, divine feelings are left untapped, are what brings us to Tantra. In orgasm we have a glimpse of eternity, letting go into something far bigger and more spacious then our orgasmic gratification. It is this experience of something vaster that keeps us fixated on sex, striving to repeat experience. Tantra is the practice that allows you to attain that state without immediately loosing it again. It allows you to maintain and extend it. Women and men are prevented from making love to our full potential, because we have not learned how to make love with consciousness. Tantra teaches ways to make lovemaking more aware, and techniques for assimilating the energies of your partner in love-making.
Tantra sees your connection as a meeting of divine energies, rather then two ego-bound psyches destined to act out past patterns and ways of relating that stem from your family background. A psychotherapy-based way of looking at relationships can be of limited use, and Tantra replace it with a more spiritual model. It teaches you how to unlock the energies within yourself and to use them to transform your experience of world into one of bliss.
Tantra is not no-holds-barred excuse for sexual experimentation-it assumes that any work on sexual development is grounded in an egalitarian, committed and loving relationship. Within a relationship with a strong heart connection you can do the work of transforming sexuality into a more integrated way of being. 
Tantra changes one's way of relationship. Couples become less dependent, jealous or neurotic. They tend to be more harmonious, fun and energy-filled. In the way of Tantra, you also discover that the relationship you seek outside is already within you. 
And this all from me on the subject of Tantra. If I had got your interest, and I hope I had, there are many places you can read or learn about practicing Tantra. And you don't have to be "believer". You simply need to learn about and cultivate the Tantric vision: a vital, bliss-filled approach to sex, love and life in general.

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