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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Tantra II

Many women are literally outside themselves, not daring to inhibit their bodies. We don't feel comfortable in our bodies because of cultural messages we receive throughout our life time which prevent us from revelling in them, whatever shape or size we are, and from enjoying the experiences our bodies bring us.
It is rare to see a young woman who revells in her body, with the pure joy of just being alive. Young women in our culture don't learn how to be in their own power sexually, and it is a long journey before they feel they can be themselves, rather then what media images, peer pressure and men want them to be. Many of us do not come into a sense of our own sexual power until mid-thirties, when we already have a lot of negative experiences that need to be released and healed in some way. Many women say they become mothers before becoming women!
Men also have a difficult relationship with their sexual power, often feigning a virility that masks luck of confidence underneath. Our culture expects men to assume a dominant sexuality, pursuing potential mates and initiating sex, yet it castigates men for just doing that. Many men carry a lot of fear and insecurity over their sexual prowess and find it just as hard to inhibit their bodies as women do. A Tantric attitude is to see the beauty of each aspect of life in a non-judgmental way and meet everything in an attitude of respect. Anything that rejects the body rejects the innate beauty of the person.
For those of us who have problem relating sexually in this culture of repression and denial, sexual healing is needed to free sexual energy from its distortions, and associations with power and violence. This traditionally masculine need for power over another person is replaced by more mutual way of framing a relationship, based on care and respect.
Too many of us have been going through motions sexually. Many of us experience deep dissatisfaction around our sexual lives. We all are looking for real intimacy and tenderness, and deep connection...To be continued:)

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