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Thursday, 10 February 2011


Once out of boredom (ashamed to say that), I decided that I will test power of smile. I decided to test it on the first stranger I am going to get in touch that day. It is easy to smile at family and friends, isn't it? Internet people came knocking and bearing in mind what I previously decided, I opened the door with a big grin on my face. I am not so sure as I was busy concentrating on perfect smile, but I think there was a shock on their faces. What did they think? Oh, no... another nut case. During their time in my place, I think they changed their mind (at least I hope), and result was that I was not even charged for their service! On occasion they met me on the street some time later they greeted me as their friend, and why not? Why is it that if you walk on the street or travel in the public transport and you look at the people with a smile, they think that something is wrong with you? Is it only our culture? Are we afraid of getting another wrinkle? Why is it that we need to make decision to smile? And when did it stop to be a natural thing?

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