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Tuesday, 15 February 2011


I have a problem I need to resolve. Maybe it is not a problem but certainly whatever it is, it needs resolving. I tried different approaches, I tried to work on it, I analyzed it almost to do point of developing another problem (insomnia) , I listened to others, I even tried to ignore it! At one point I released that I am asking somebody invisible "And what do YOU think about it?" And everything took unexpected turn...I recognized  that saying YOU I actually asked something deep in me. I took some time to relax and move out of the way every obstacle in form of "I know it all" and silence my mind  (few days actually) but battle was worth loosing. New insights came forward and now I just need to act on them. All people have intuition, some say women have it much more developed then men. However, women or men it seems neither of us like to trust our "feeling" of knowingness. We have been taught the value of logic and how to reason things out but as we know, our rational minds can not always provide all the answers. I just hope I will remember it for the next time.

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