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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Demonized Sexuality

Passion is our life energy, it keeps us alive, it props us to act on something. But with the true meaning lost, passion is not seen as a positive thing anymore. In the culture that suppresses their sexuality, all you have to do is attach sexuality to anything and we notice it. We sell everything with it. There is a schizophrenia in our culture about it. 
It started long ago with the movement in the West, mostly in Europe. In order to control the lives of people all you have to do, is to control their access to spirit. This is religion. Religion is probably the biggest business on the planet. Essentially what they had to do was convince human beings that something was wrong with them and that they needed to be redeemed. The church's business is redemption. One way they did this was to demonize sex. Well then, you are demonizing the energy that created you. When people bought into this, they really started feeling bad. They needed to get help, they needed to be saved and the church was saying, we will do it for you, if not in this lifetime at least in the next. They got people to totally surrender their energy, and the ones that suffered the most were women. A woman's entire body is erotic, so when a woman suppresses her sexuality, her entire body suffers. 
For thousands of years prior to this sex was considered to be a legitimate path to healing and enlightenment. Most of the healers at this time were women or were dominantly a feminine energy.( In the Native American tradition, for example, whenever a male child was born who demonstrated feminine characteristics, they would take him up and train him to be a shaman, because he had a healer's perspective.) Were does this leave us, living in the world that teaches us that our main energy is our ticket to Hell? And however you look at it, it is. We live in a living hell, abusing sexual energy or using it as a weapon aimed at others or ourselves. Being brainwashed by the institutions or individuals pretending to do work of God, we negate probably the most sacred attribute of our beings. 

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  1. Very true!
    Not to mention all those sexually used women in ads commercials which were made for man and we happily watch them!
    Going further what a man can do, most women cannot even go close to it. Though free love should be a 'natural' and compulsory thing for everyone, without abusing, suffering or death. While most women act on their heart not even on their lower body parts