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Thursday, 17 February 2011


I already learned how to forgive. I did it from entirely selfish reasons. I know, it doesn't sound right. But it is! Carrying in yourself disappointment and hate it is one of the most self destroying feelings you can have. I wanted to live my own life, not a life of person I hated because that is exactly what happens. If your mind and your heart is obsessing about hurt and hate, and knowing that every thought affects your life and shapes your character, at the end you become what you hate. And natural cause of the things is that you will do same thing, if not to the person who hurt you, then to somebody else. And the most likely you won't even notice that the same pattern acquired. Not letting go of hate or disappointment is hurting you more then what originally caused the unpleasant feeling. Often we say, I can not forgive, because it would mean that I forgot it and I can not let myself forget. We learn and grow. Even if we forget on the rational level, somewhere in us,  knowledge is deep imprinted. I just don't see the reason for keeping the feeling that goes with the knowledge. Let the feeling of hate go, you have no use of it, you already learned your lesson.

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