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Monday, 21 February 2011

Perfect just the way we are

Why do we want to be somebody else? Why do we want to change something that is already perfect? We spend so much energy trying to be better instead of using it to except ourselves as we are. And why is it that we need energy to except ourselves, why is it not a natural state of ours to love the way we are, our abilities and our uniqueness? We are in constant pursuit of improving our looks, our financial affairs, our place in society and in same time we ignore or take for granted abilities we are born with, to see, hear, walk, feel, touch...If we would just use those abilities to their full potential, we would never miss anything! Simple reason behind why there is never enough money, why we are never beautiful enough etc, is because this is not our natural road to happiness. It will never fulfill us. No amount of money, plastic surgeries, diets or beauty regimes can fill up the emptiness in our heart and life. How about trying to help others to see beauty in themselves? How about giving smiles, words of encouragement and appreciation to the others? Maybe then they wouldn't feel anymore that they have to be someone else in order to be excepted and loved. Maybe then the whole world would change. I know how this sounds...but I, for myself choose to believe in possibility of it. I don't think I am better off believing that there is no chance.
If we would stop for a moment in our "pursuit of happiness" and focus our attention on what is right in front of our eyes, see a beauty of it and let it find reciprocal place in us, we would never again think of ourselves as not perfect just the way we are.

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