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Monday, 14 February 2011

13 Love Commandments

Promise is the best gift.  How about making a promise today to your partner and to yourself and try your best to keep it until next Valentine's Day:) Or you can call it Valentine's Day resolutions. Here are are some qualities that guaranty you, not only staying in love until next Valentine's Day, but remaining in love for a lifetime.
  1. Listen actively to your partner
  2. Ask questions and give answers
  3. Stay attractive 
  4. Grow intellectually 
  5. Include your partner 
  6. Give him/her privacy 
  7. Be honest and trustworthy 
  8. Tell your partner what you need 
  9. Accept his/her shortcomings
  10. Give respect 
  11. Never threaten to leave 
  12. Say “no” to adultery
  13. Cultivate variety 

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