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Monday, 14 February 2011

Not so keen on Valentine's Day

I am not very keen on Valentine's Day. One of the reasons is personal, it was my mother's Birthday. She used to say that she was born on Valentine's Day because she was such a loving person... but lets not go in to details here, as it may turn out to be "everything but not about love post". If I could I would enforce a law that says, only people who express love to their partners, friends and family every single day of the year, are entitled to celebrate Valentine's Day! ( I am afraid only children and dogs would fit in this category). It could be compared to having a family dinner only on the Christmas Day, the rest of the year we eat from the trays in front of the TV. Heart shaped cakes with pink icing ( I always thought its just cake shop decoration ), red roses ( Not everybody likes red roses ), Cupid pendants ( who would wear THAT? ), Be Mine, and Your Valentine?!... I came across an interesting fact about Chinese people.  Apparently Chinese do not say I love you. Sometimes they say ‘I love you’ in English, but it’s like touching someone’s arm who is wearing a coat. That is not so serious.  If they say it in Chinese it’s like touching the skin, it’s very sensitive. ‘Wo ai ni’ is very specific. It means responsibility, commitment, loyalty, if you say it.”
In Chinese people’s eyes, if you say ‘I love you’ too often, then maybe you don’t really love because you say it so much. Chinese also have a saying: ‘Xin you ling xi yi dian tong,’ which means we have common points beyond language. Even if we don’t speak, you can sense what I sense; you can feel what I feel.” (Interestingly, the oldest sex manuals were published in China 5000 year ago)  Wondering what do they think about Valentine's Day? Once I heard somebody saying: "I am very disappointed, I didn't get Valentine's Day present from my boyfriend". Does it mean? a). He doesn't love me, but at least he is not hypocrite.  b). If I got from him everything I needed during the rest of the year I wouldn't  miss present today. c). At least he could show some "love" today. d). Why we are together at all? 
So... do not make a mockery out of Love and if you do celebrate it today, do it for the rest of the year too, mean it and do it with style.

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