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Thursday, 24 February 2011

Miniature Art

Vlagymir Anyiszkin is a Russian artist who took a miniature art on absolutely new level. For his art you can not even say "See it, believe it" as it is impossible to see it with your naked eye. He uses microscope for making his miniatures. Wakes up early every morning to work on his projects before he goes to his every day job. He says, heart beating is what cause the biggest problem during the creating of miniature piece of art. He overcomes this problem by working only between two heart beats so that his hand wont shake. The other problem is static friction that can occur between material and the tool. Other problems he doesn't have:) Here are some examples of his work...

This is the flea Vlagyimir found on his cat and decided to make shoes for it. Shoes are
 0, 05 mm wide.

Sorry for the bad quality photo but you will understand...The whole ABC on the end of one piece of human hair 0, 09 mm. thick.
The human hair is anywhere between 0, 05mm and 0, 13 mm thick.

3, 5 mm chess table with 0, 15 mm chess figures on. Made out of one matchstick.

Christmas-New Year decoration standing on half of the poppy seed size 0, 055 mm.

Rose on one piece of human hair. 

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