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Saturday, 5 February 2011

Slaves of Habits

Do habits serve us or we serve them? How much they shape our every day life and with it our personality and take our chances that may come our way unexpectedly? How often we are stuck in safe but meaningless set of life patterns that when the new, possible more meaningful is offered to us we reject it without even considering it? How much time, how big part of our life goes filled up with repetitive actions? How many times it happen that when you don't  know what to do with your time you automatically start with well known little actions? Can you count it? Unfortunately or fortunately those are not life threatening habits, they don't eat our body up, they don't brake our families and put us on the streets, but in my case at least, they eat my soul. I repeat them every day and every day become one day and one day become one life and there is no memory what so ever of what filled those days. It feels like that those are the moments of waiting for something to happen. I believe that something always happens. Shall I make that something part of my life or not, it is a decision I need to make and hopefully I will be stronger life???
Today I am going to brake at least one of my little patterns. When I feel it coming to take charge of my time and life I am going to choose something completely new to do. Decision made.

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